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Product manuals, downloads and FAQs for Tracker dog tracking collars and Tracker Android, iOS and WebApp applications

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  • How can I update the firmware of the GPS device?

    There is a possibility to update the firmware via mobile data (OTA) for following models: Supra, G1000, G500FI, G400FI ja G500 2013. Older G500-models have to be sent to Tracker Service Centre for update, before they support OTA updates.

    1. Turn the collar on
    2. Connect it to charger
    3. Wait about 10 minutes until the collar send the positions regurarly
    4. In Tracker for Android -Software do following steps:
      Targets > All > GPS devices > [select the name ]> Configuration commands > Search for updates
    5. The device checks its firmware and if there is a newer firmware available, it asks you if you wish to continue with update.


    Update takes about 15-30min.
    Please make the update in areas with good GSM coverage e.g. at home and do not move with the collar.
    In case that the update was interrupted e.g. due to the connection cut, restart the collar and try the process again.
    You can find more information here in case of the interrupted process.

  • My phone is not connected to Tracker live service / my own position is not displayed!

    In most cases, all what you need to do is to restart your phone to solve any performance problems in it. If not, then consider these following options:

    Check Android settings in your phone

    • Mobile data is activated (Shut down WiFi, if it is turned on)
    • Dual-SIM phones: in the default setting, it is often only one of the SIMs cards that enables data connection (check which Sim card is in use when the problem was detected.
    • Security setting is not blocking Tracker’s online connection.
    • If your phone is set to power saving mode, that may interfere with the application’s Internet connection.
    • Make sure Tracker App has full network access: Phone Apps> Tracker> Permissions> Full network access is allowed?
    • If necessary, check with your own mobile operator whether all access services are available and whether the operating area mobile network is ok.

    Check Tracker App settings:

    • When you open Tracker App > three points (right side at the bottom of your screen)> “Setting” > “Tracker Live
    • Enable the option, if it is disabled
    • If it is already enabled, try to disable the box and put it back again
    • Then exit your application and restart it.

    Power saving mode consequences on your phone:

    Many phones have power saving features or can be set to power save mode. Enabling this mode, your phone will disconnect the server from the running programs or even stop their operations. Sometimes recovery from such a state is unsuccessful or may take some time.
    Restarting Tracker program will usually correct the situation.
    The following instructions are exemplary because the phone’s features may vary by phone models or OS, that is, the feature may be found under another menu, or named differently.
    So, to keep the connection permanently in your program, proceed as follows:

    • Power Saving mode: disable Tracker program power save mode if enabled. This can be found under “Battery Settings” menu, or “Battery Optimization”.
    • Mobile Data limit: Turn off data limit for Tracker App if selected.  this can be found under your phone setting > mobile data limit > select Tracker> disable any restriction on background data usage.

    Phone capacity to establish and maintain a data connection:

    Phones models and operating networks can be different. It may well be that the phone works well with 4G but, for example, when moving outside the 3G or 2G modes, the same phone no longer works  that well. In addition, the antenna of the phone and its ability to function when the networks change are different. Some other phone works just fine. There is no universal advice as to where the phone is performing better than others.
    You can try to set your phone settings to only 3G mode, or 2G or just 4G.

    Another important feature that you should learn to use is the so-called ” “Refresh” button – mainly to update your current position of last 20 minutes. It is at the bottom of the screen, in the middle of the screen.

  • How can I install Tracker App in my phone?

    You can download and install Tracker for Android App on your phone either via Google Play store or on your web browser via Tracker Hunter 4 for iPhone is available in AppStore for iOS devices.

    Check out step-by-step video tutorial

    Install Tracker App via Google Play
    Installing on Google Play requires you to sign up for Google Play Store services,but on the other hand, the program updates will take place automatically. If you enter a credit card into the Play Store, you can purchase the extension time very easily.
    – Open Google Play store on your phone or computer. If you open this link, it will open directly on the right page. If you open a Play Store on your phone, then the quick way to find the program is to use the keyword “Tracker Hunter
    – Download and install the program

    Upgrading Tracker App via Google Play
    If you’ve installed Tracker for Android from Google Play store and allow automatic updates, then the program updates are carried out automatically.
    If automatic updates are not allowed, you can proceed as follows:
    – Open Google Play, go to Menu> My Apps> Tracker> Update

    Installing or updating Tracker App with a web browser
    Tracker App can also be downloaded and installed by using your phone’s web browser and running the installation file. In this case, you do not need to be registered with Google services and you can use online payment as a means of payment in addition to your credit card.
    The new versions of the App will give you updates to your phone that you need to download and install. There is no option for automated installation like the Google Play service in this option.
    If you have a new Android 4.x device, it may be that installing from the Tracker page will not work. In this case, you will receive a notification message “File can not be opened”. In that case, installing and updating should be done through the Google Play Store.
    (As an example, Samsung Galaxy XCover Android 2.3.6, Android 4.x devices can be slightly different).

    1. If you install Tracker App for the first time, allow the installation of non-sold applications from your phone settings:
      Settings> Applications> Unknown sources
    2. Open the phone browser
    3. Go to
    4. Press the “Download Now!” Button to download the program
    5. The download status icon should appear on the device status bar.
    6. To see the level of download of Tracker_xxx.apk installation package , you can expand the status bar > press at the status bar and slid it down.
    7. When the download is complete, start Tracker App by clicking Tracker_xxx.apk (xxx = program version number) in the status bar announcements. Downloads can also be found by opening the program called Downloads (at least on Samsung phones)
    8. Next, the device asks, “Do you want to install this application?” > Select “Install”
      If there was a “Can not Open File” entry in this section, you will need to complete the installation through Google Play Store.
    9.  After installation, your phone indicates “Application Installed”.
    10. Click “Open” to start the App

    If an error occurred when installing the package, you may want to reboot.

  • How can I transfer my Tracker license from an old phone to a new one?

    Your registration code is like Tracker’s “personal ID”. Each user has one identity.
    It is highly recommended to keep the  registration code and share name the same when you transfer Tracker license from an old phone to another. In that way, Tracker Live can automatically reset all your dogs’ collars, friends, groups, etc. to your new phone.  Plus, you can get you Tracker App running smoothly and quickly on a new phone without having to retrieve all your data again.

    To proceed:
    1: Open your old phone >Tracker for Android> licenses menu:
    On the map, select> Menu> Licenses > Retrieve your registration code ( 8 characters with no numbers). Make sure you use the right format (Capital/small letters).
    If you also want to capture the share name used by your phone, you will find it Map view> Targets> Own position> Live and screen settings> Share name

    2: Open your new phone > download and instal Tracker App > In the menu>  select I register for the first time > fill out the requested information: Nom(share name)>  your email address > your new phone number > and the registration code you have just retrieved from your old phone.

    Please note! before you proceed with this operation make sure your Tracker license is still valid.

  • Where do I Find my registration code, share name, or owner / viewer password?

    To find your own device ID: (Registration code, share name, and viewer password), go to:

    Tracker for Android > Tracker App menu (menu button or 3 points on the right side of your screen)> About

    Tracker WebClient: Program menu (3 points on the right side of the menu bar)> Licenses (registration code), My location > Settings (Share Name and Viewer Password)

    To find your dogs’ GPS locator ID:

    Tracker for Android: Dog Menu (Click Dog’s Name)> Live and screen Settings

    Tracker WebClient: Dog Menu (Click on dog name) > Settings

    Other means
    The registration code may be given as a paper version at the time of your purchase. Share name and password can also be found in your user manual.

    Important! For security purposes, users or device personal ID (share name, registration code/ password) can’t be sent via email. For related matters, please contact our customer support: 0600-414610, or visit your local dealer or service.

  • What are the different statuses of the Tracker logo in the phone notification bar (top bar)?

    While Tracker is running, the Tracker logo at the top of the phone screen appears. Logo indicates the following modes:

    Meaning of icons, from left to right:

    1. Connecting The Program is establishing a connection with Tracker Live
    2. Connected All Ok
    3. No live connection Tracker Live is turned off
    4. Problem There is a problem connecting

    Note! from Tracker for Android 4.03 (29.11.2018), these icons are “black and white”. Previously they had colors. The lack of color is due to the fact that new Android versions and development tools do not support color usage in the notification bar.

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