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EU-Datenschutz-Verordnung (DSGVO)

1. Privacy Policy

Tracker is highly committed to protection of customer’s personal data. we want to be as transparent as possible in data protection matters. In this privacy policy you can find out how we collect, store and move our customer’s private data.

Private information is the data that can be used in identifying and contacting a person. It is possible for customer to refuse the use of this data, but it may complicate or prevent the use of the service.

Tracker user’s private data

When you start using Tracker, we create a profile with your license information for the license server. License information consists of user’s name, e-mail address, phone number and information regarding license. In addition we create an user profile for Tracker Live which consists of user’s passwords, own targets and location data.

Your personal data is being saved when you are buying from the Tracker webshop. The mandatory information is name, street address, postal code, city, user name and password. The customer data can be also used in marketing purposes if the customer has given permission for it.

How data is used?

Personal data is being used for serving better products, service and communication for customers. The personal data can also be used for Tracker’s internal purposes such as testing, product development, data analysis and research.

Data protection

Tracker Oy is highly committed to treat personal and other private information in the systems with confidentiality. Personal data is specially accessed by confidentiality agreement accredited professionals and it is stored in security-protected data centers. Information systems are protected by modern firewalls and communications with modern cryptographic technologies.

Data storage

The information is stored for a period of time needed for service provision. License information is required for business analysis and reliable operation, so they will not be disposed off unless specifically requested by the customer. The Live-Registration information will be deleted when the registration is not loaded, and therefore impossible to identify the position data in our databases. Tracker can use this kind of location related data for development needs (for example, network scanning). After the customer stops using the service, Tracker maintains the customer’s location information and other history for at least one year.

In paid services, data is stored in history for a long time and, if history is destroyed, it is informed about where the customer can use the data export tools on to store the history in his / her own repository.

Disclosure of information to third parties

Device and person location information may be disclosed to a third party: for example, another Tracker user, Ultrapoint cross-site or tracking a sporting event if the recipient of the information has the device name and password of the device. Data content and historical data length depend on the type of password used (Owner, Viewer, Group). Customer and location-based information can be transferred and handed over to the tracker partners if it is needed to provide, develop, or improve customer experience. In addition, data may be disclosed, for example, for the purpose of making the statistics so that an individual or an animal cannot be identified or identified on that corresponding data. Data may be transferred and released outside the EU and the EEA under the terms of the data protection law. In other cases, Tracker will not disclose your personal information from third parties without your prior consent.


Tracker Oy is governed by Finnish law and, if any agreement or action between Customer and the Tracker is inconsistent or incomplete with the current Finnish law, the Finnish law is primarily enforced.

Deleting data

If you wish, you can anonymize / delete all your information on our systems by calling the Tracker customer support or by visiting the Tracker service point. The tracker will verify the identity of the customer before the action.