Tracker är ett kommunikationssystem för jägare och friluftsmänniskor. Tracker är i dag så mycket mer än bara en hundpejl, det är bl.a. ett komplett GPS- och kommunikationssystem med terräng-, fastighetskartor och flygfoton. Programvara till mobilen och läsplattan är en servertjänst. Med Tracker kan du spåra hunden och övriga jägare i realtid samt kommunicera med dina jaktkamrater via programvarans chatt. Allting lagras och kan spelas upp i efterhand.

Tracker SIM


Tracker SIM all net for the best GSM coverage and performance

The GSM coverage is key to the success. Therefore, we have introduced a special roaming Tracker SIM, which can use multiple operators nearly in every country around the world. Tracker SIM together with our Tracker collars give the best performance and you always know where your dog is.

Tracker SIM Card is an excellent for the hunting SIM card, because:

  1. there are no monthly fees
  2. it remains active all time, even during off season
  3. SIM card provides better network coverage than normal local operator SIM-cards

Who can benefit using Tracker SIM the most? 

  • Excellent for hunters who hunt in multiple areas and / or the power supply is not assured or unknown with a provider in the field is
  • Excellent for hunters who hunt to go abroad
  • Users who want a ready Buy & Track solution

Basic information about the Tracker SIM

Operating costs for SIM in Tracker a tracker collar *:

  • Incoming calls are free within EU
  • Sending an SMS to Tel.nummer EU : € 0.09 , others € 0.35
  • GPRS data € 0.39 / MB and charging unit is 1 KB
  • GPRS data in Switzerland : 0,70 € / MB charging unit is 10 KB
    *VAT 0%

Cost of your own phone for SMS or call to SIM Tracker

  • The cost is different from the tariff rate, however, it should not exceeded 1 € / min. Usually around 50 cents / min
  • If you require precise information, ask your cell phone provider for rates for calls to mobile networks within EU

Which versions of the SIM card are there?

Product Description Price 0% VAT Price 19% VAT
SIM + 10€ credit SIM with 10€ credit 20€ 23,80 €
Credit Voucher 20€ Activation code 20€ 23,80€

How can be the SIM recharged and how to check the current balance?
The Tracker SIM Manager:

  • Sign in to
  • My profile> My Tracker SIMs > € > Paste the Aktivierierungskode
  • My profile> My Tracker SIMs > My Tracker SIM Group > € > Paste the Aktivierierungskode
  • Where can I get the activation code?
  • Ask your Tracking Store or
  • Or directly in the Tracker for Android App

Tracker SIM rate 10 MB flat per day in Europe

If you use the tracker SIM in your mobile phone, we can offer you an opportunity 10MB per day for free ( clocking 100 kB). The activation fee is € 1.50 ( excl. VAT) per day (24 hours)

How do I activate / deactivate this data flat ?

  • Activation via: *146*551# - "Service is enabled Please start a new session or restart the phone". So cut the mobile data connection for a short time
  • After the reactivation you should get a message: "Daily GPRS activated for 1.50 EUR You have 10 MB for free."
  • Deactivation via: *146*550#
  • Status check: *146*552# then the alert appears: "You have used xxMB YYKB , you can use silent xxMB YYKB , remaining time XXH YYm "
  • Note: The daily data packet is automatically activated on the next day, if the data flat was not deactivated and your phone starts to use mobile data connection. If you do not want to use the data package on the next day, disable this service.

Is it worth it ?

  • If you download the maps at home via wifi beforehand and download directly only a few tiles of the designated area, consumption is between 1-3 MB per day - so from 0.50 to 1.50 €
  • Based on our experience, the OSM based street or terrain maps use this much data: (6 Tiles 20 kB)
  • However, if you have active synchronization of the data in the background, several MB can be downloaded independently of Tracker for Android app, so we recommend that the data package to enabled.

Data package is available in these countries and can be used on a day in different countries : Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guadeloupe & Martinique, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and United Kingdom.

If you have any questions about our products or would like to see questions and answers from other users, please use our Tracker discussion board at .

The card can be purchased from: Tracker Store

and from Tracker webshop
When purchasing the card, it has balance of 10 € VAT 0% value and you purchase more by 20 € VAT 0% activation codes.