Tracker är ett kommunikationssystem för jägare och friluftsmänniskor. Tracker är i dag så mycket mer än bara en hundpejl, det är bl.a. ett komplett GPS- och kommunikationssystem med terräng-, fastighetskartor och flygfoton. Programvara till mobilen och läsplattan är en servertjänst. Med Tracker kan du spåra hunden och övriga jägare i realtid samt kommunicera med dina jaktkamrater via programvarans chatt. Allting lagras och kan spelas upp i efterhand.

Go to Tracker WebApp or Webtracking

Tracker offers two options for real tracking and replay besides the Tracker for Android app - the WebApp and Webtracking. You can use both anytime you want. Here is the brief overview of the functions: – Tracker WebApp

This is like an app, but is using a web browser therefore is compatible with nearly every device.

  • It works on both phones (Android, Nokia - Windows, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry), PCs and others.Tracker WebApp for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry or PC.
  • It is the exact copy of your Android app (if you use Tracker for Android), including the same dogs, friends, waypoints, groups, lines etc. 
  • Real time tracking of Tracker dog tracking collars
  • Satellite pictures and local terrain maps (in development and not in every country available)
  • Automatically synchronizes the changes with you Tracker App, so, if you make changes like adding a group, add a waypoint etc...The targets are transferred automatically to the phone and the other way around.
  • Instant messaging supported
  • Replay (currently in development)
  • Due to above mentioned features, you can use the WebApp or Tracker for Android App at once, but never simultaneously. If you start the Tracker App on your phone, you will be automatically disconnected in the WebApp, until you turn off the Tracker App in your phone. 
  • For login, you need the registration code of you Tracker for Android App and your share name. You can use the WebApp even without an Tracker for Android App as stand-alone app.


Tracker Webtracking

This Webtracking is based on Java and therefore works only on PC and Mac. It is perfect for tracking events with many devices and the replay afterwards.

  • Works only on the computer or Mac Tracker Webtracking for events and multi-device tracking
  • You have to have Java installed (free of charge) on your computer (download link
  • Real-time monitoring 
  • Excellent Replay
  • Capable of large-scale events and large amounts of the target to track
  • The tracked objects can be added separately, so are not dependent on devices you have in your phone.
  • Tracker for Android can be used at the same time while using the webtracking with the same registration code.
  • You can export the tracks as gpx and csv

Open Webtracking