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Tracker is a communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, which consists of a dog tracking collar, a tracking app and the Tracker Live™ cloud service. Tracker provides reliable real-time positioning of the dogs and your friends in the area on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass and communication within a group.

SUPRA by Tracker

Dog tracking collar with superior coverage

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Supra weight

A-GPS and Glonass

2G and 3G

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Supra waterproof

supra shockproof

    GSM/3G 900MHz   waterproof shockproof

Supra by Tracker

The new SUPRA takes hunting experience to a new level. The new SUPRA antenna solution ensures superior network coverage even in the most challenging conditions. New robust design, new constructions of the antenna, the best choice of materials and the battery is designed for demanding applications in hunting areas. Genuine 3G technology enables fast tracking of the collar almost in real time.

Superior network coverage

Supra's secret lies in its super-antenna. The antenna structure is ideal for the mobile network transmission. In addition, it is positioned away from dog's body and it's direction is in optimum. Therefore, the antenna brings optimal and rightly directed transmission. The maximum power of the antenna goes horizontally, so that they can reach the best link to base stations. In the laboratory power tests (Radiated Performance Test, NRPHP + -30 °) Supra had about 2,5 times more power than earlier products.