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Tracker is a communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, which consists of a dog tracking collar, a tracking app and the Tracker Live™ cloud service. Tracker provides reliable real-time positioning of the dogs and your friends in the area on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass and communication within a group.

Tracker G400FI

Improved model of test winner 2012

The test winner's new improved model: Tracker G400FI is a highly advanced dog tracking collar for hunting dogs. The new G400FI has now dual positioning system GPS and Glonass that gives excellent positioning reliability and lowers the power consumption. Great features, carefull selection of high quality mechanics combined with long experience in the field make this device stand out from its competition.

You can track your dog(s) in real time and follow movements and retrieving work on a map using just your mobile phone with our software. No additional handheld is needed. 

Main features of Tracker G400FI:

  • No dog tracking distance limitation
  • Automatic sending of positions on a terrain map
  • Real time tracking starting every 3 seconds can be set remotely without any direct contact to the collar
  • Automatic background tracking every one minute after turing the collar on
  • Possibility to call the dog and listen to surrounding noise
  • Bark indicator is shown with every position
  • Geofence and bark alarm
  • Tracking protection with share name and password
  • Remote software update for new features via the mobile data over-the-air*
    *older models (G400 and G400i) can be updated in Tracker Service for a service fee

Technical details:

  • Dual positioning system GPS and GLONASS for fast and reliable dog tracking in difficult conditions
  • Super strong GSM reception by 900 MHz optimized GSM antenna for reliable transmitting of the dog's position in challenging areas
  • Shock proof, waterproof (10m) and dustproof (IP67)
  • Single case offers better ergonomics and no danger of wires in the collar
  • Battery life is between 18 and 100 hours depending on GSM conditions and tracking frequency
  • Orange collar with reflecting strip gives better visibility of the dog in darkness and forests
  • Only 130g of the single device unit makes no problems even for small dogs like dachshund or terrier (225g incl. collar)
  • Possibility to use in a harness*
    * Click on the link with hints how to put Tracker G400 into a harness

Who can benefit from Tracker G400FI?

  • Users who want to equip several dogs with the best GPS dog tracking collars
  • Users, who need reliable GPS tracking collar, but do not need new additional features
  • Users, who use the collar in forests and country side with worse GSM coverage

The collar can be purchased from:

  1. Retailer: Tracker Store merchants will serve you throughout Europe. You can find a list of retailers:
  2. from: webshop

The product package contains:

  • Tracker G400FI dog tracking collar
  • Installed to reflective collar
  • Charger for the battery
  • Operating and installation instructions

*The Tracker G400FI dog tracking collar can be tracked using all our Tracker software and tracking phones, such as the MyWay Navigator Pro and earlier applications. Tracker Hunter 3 and Tracker for Android support the latest development of the G400 collar.