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Tracker is a communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, which consists of a dog tracking collar, a tracking app and the Tracker Live™ cloud service. Tracker provides reliable real-time positioning of the dogs and your friends in the area on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass and communication within a group.

Tracker for iOS

Now on iOS available

The ultimate hunting and outdoor App now on iPhone and iPad!

Tracker Hunter for iOS is the mobile application for hunting, rescue organizations, geocaching, navigation and other outdoor hobbies. It includes navigation on offline topographic maps and roadmaps, real time tracking of dogs, other animals and friends, creating groups and sharing targets as waypoints, routes and lines. Afterwards you can replay and analyse your trip or hunt both on your phone or tablet and your computer.

Mobile phones and mobile data services are exploding - clear future for Tracker! 

The App Tracker Hunter for iOS App and Tracker for Android together with Tracker G400, Tracker G500 Black Magnum and Tracker G1000 MAXIMAL (the first 3G - network compatible collar in the world) show hunters, rangers, police departments, rescue organisations, Red Cross and many other users a new dimension of tracking and organisation of a hunt or a rescue operation. The enthusiasm about the new possibilities brings the users to dropping off the offline handhelds and radiofrequency-tracking devices and changing for better and sustainable GPRS technology.

Experience dog tracking like never before:

  • Track unlimited number of dogs in real time (up to every 3 seconds) with Tracker’s world’s best dog tracking collars Tracker G400Tracker G500 Black Magnum and Tracker G1000 MAXIMAL*
  • Automatic sending and receiving of the positions - no position requests needed
  • Calling to the dog's collar and listening background noise
  • Bark indicator updates with every position on status bar and track
  • Geofence and barking allarms
  • Unlimited tracking distance
  • Real time tracking of unlimited number of friends with Tracker for iOS/Android App
  • Targets can be displayed on terrain maps or street maps
  • Free global maps like openstreetmaps and OSM based Tracker Topo terrain maps as standard
  • Great quality national maps for Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and many more
  • Offline maps for areas with bad network coverage or abroad
  • Real time tracking and replay mode are available in webtracking on PC as well
  • Every user and collar is secured with share name and password

Map features

  • Unlimited download of OpenStreetMap based Tracker Topo maps worldwide. They are containing terrain details and elevation contours. Maps are updated once per day.
  • The annual license contains free national terrain map from Austria, Finland, Germany, Estonia, Norway, Switzerland and USA.
  • Possibility to purchase map tiles for national Swedish and French IGN maps
  • The maps are downloaded automatically and stored in the memory so the App can be used also offline

Navigation and smart draw and measure tool

  • Add waypoints and select from variety of symbols according to your needs "Meeting point", "car", "tent", "raised hide" etc. and share with your friends
  • Check the distance to your target with sophisticated distance measuring tool
  • Draw a route you want to go or a polygon like hunting area or area for rescue operation

The unique tracker group function

  • Enter a group with your friends, dogs and share waypoints, lines or routes
  • Track your friends and dogs and see each other on the map 
  • Higher security during hunting and rescue action because of real time overview about positions of the others
  • Chat within group, without SMS costs

Rescue operations in different dimension - no distance limitation, always in touch:

  • Join a group on your PC with WebApp in PC or directly in the App
  • Mark the range borders as polygons and share with your rescue team
  • Keep the overview over the situation with real time tracking of your rescue team
  • Replay the rescue operation again step-by-step anytime you want in your mobile phone, tablet or PC. 

Replay and Statistics

  • The unique replay feature: select any date and time when you have used the system and playback the performance minute by minute.
  • Only with one click you get information about your own position like speed, altitude, direction, GPS, GSM and battery status and age of the position
  • GPS Odometer gives statistics about your average speed, your walked distance, moving time etc.

Dog tracking is possible only with Tracker collars. More information at