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Tracker is a communication system for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, which consists of a dog tracking collar, a tracking app and the Tracker Live™ cloud service. Tracker provides reliable real-time positioning of the dogs and your friends in the area on high-quality topographic maps, satellite images or compass and communication within a group.

Tracker Webtracking New Version 1.27.00

Dear Customers,

We are very pleased to announce that Tracker has just launched new version for Tracker webApp 1.27.00.

It is now possible to create event broadcasting on webapp (available only for agreed users (everyone else can follow broadcast)

Please check in details what is new in v.1.27.00:

  • possibility to create event broadcasting on webapp (available only for agreed users, everyone else can follow broadcast)
  • possibility to sort targets be alphabetically, by location age and battery level
  • group targets only under group menu, own targets under "All" tab (as on android client)
  • possibility to select country on export (country maps available now on export)
  • login/logout information disabled
  • subscribe/unsubscribe all targets
  • changed default diagrams from playback (bark, distance, speed)


  • As in the latest Android facelift, collar related info is directly displayed in the target (Less than 2 min. of the last position - green text, barking text indicator turns red if the dog is barking over 20/min 
  • left menu bark and battery info have now icon and color
  • remove button deleted if target is group target on group menu where you don’t have admin rights
  • delete locator button removed on group menu if you don’t have admin rights
  • playback diagrams won't open on every situation
  • menu opening button is now larger
  • fixed playback playing better performance 


Tracker Team